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Quang Truong Quang Ngai

The Construction Consulting Company (CONSULCO) design office with head office at 207 Phan Dinh Phung street in Quang Ngai Province and its representative one at 212 Nguyen Tri Phuong street in Da Nang city . CONSULCO office is a team of professionals with the considerable experience and  able to skillfully carry out the following consultant areas:          

  • Investigating of terrain, geological works and making invested projects, working out defined plans

  •  Urban planning; designing of civil & industrial, traffic(bridge & road) , irrigation, marine, airport, technical infrastructure,…

  •  Designing of distribution transmission power system and lighting.

  • LAN/WAN network, fire- safeguard and extinguishing system.

  • Verifying  technical & excutive designs and cost estimation summary; making bidding.

  • Technical  supevising and managing projects.  

A porfolio of selected projects completed by our team members where you can get an idea of what    we have done for nearly three years


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